Copyright Policy

Litchi_chinensis ‘Mauritius’_lychee

Copyright Policy

In an effort to protect the Rare Fruit Council International from any potential lawsuits, all content and media we use in our social media, on our website, and in our newsletters shall be content for which we own the unrestricted copyright.

What does this mean for you, members?

All content you submit to the council: articles, pictures, recipes, etc. are done so in a donation capacity. The Rare Fruit Council International will reserve the right to reproduce, repost, and reuse the content in both its edited and original forms without attribution.

Does that mean I won’t see my name on my article?

Not at all. In fact, we will continue to make our best efforts to publicly thank you for your contribution. We’re simply not under obligation to do so, and may reuse your content for educational purposes without attribution in the future.

As an educational non-profit, is this even necessary?

It is true that copyright law is very favorable for educational non-profits such as ourselves, but that doesn’t prevent someone from threatening to -or actually- suing us. A motion filed in court, substantiated or not, will cost the club resources that would be better spent bringing you more content, programs, and activities.

In summary, for most of you this is business as usual. Please continue to donate your beautiful photos, eloquent articles, and delicious recipes to the club, and we will continue to share them with the community. Just understand that your submissions will be treated as such: a donation. While you will retain your rights to do with the content as you see fit, by sending it to the RFCI for use, you are donating it to us for our free use, with and without modification, and without attribution required.

Thank you in advance for your donation. It’s your enthusiasm and sharing spirit that makes our organization possible.